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ASHA ACE certified speech-language pathologist Kelly Vess is the author of "Speech Sound Disorders: Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment" with Thieme Publishers. 


Kelly has spent 18 years as both a therapist and researcher "at the drawing board" in an ongoing quest to create best practices for preschoolers.  


Her research and experience show that maximally effective practice is possible, even in the face of today's real world in-person and virtual constraints. 

Kelly also serves as an off campus clinical instructor for local universities. Along with these graduate students, she is always researching best practices.


This work optimizes gains for preschoolers when neuroplasticity is great to create real change. Kelly presents the most effective strategies at the international, national, and state level.


Participants leave her seminars empowered to uniquely apply these strategies to their own practices and individual children. Together, we can create massive change for the children we service.